The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) Political Feminism Programme launched the feminist podcast, “Masaha”, in 2019 in order to provide a space for feminist debates that are built on a transnational, anti-capitalist feminist critique of the socioeconomic, cultural and political status quo in the MENA region.

The crises we have been witnessing around the world highlighted existing social and economic inequalities that feminists have been calling to address over many decades. Within the context of the MENA region, feminist movements have been working tirelessly to fight the patriarchal and capitalist structures that marginalize women, migrants and workers and to come up with alternative models that are relevant to the context of the region and that are more equitable and ensure the protection of the rights of individuals and communities.

The “Masaha” podcast invites activists and women’s rights defenders to shed the light on and discuss arising social, economic and environmental issues, provide feminist critiques upon these issues, and offer practical alternatives and solutions that inform feminist mobilizing across the region. Through discussing topics that are relevant to our day-to-day lives and experiences and to the ways we navigate the world around us, the podcast presents feminist knowledge in a way that is accessible and relatable to everyone across the region. The podcast is published by Sowt, a podcast platform based in Jordan with a broad reach across the MENA Region.

Since its launching in 2019, FES has produced two full seasons. The first season covered topics related to the future of work from a feminist perspective and on the various ways in which labor markets and economic systems discriminate against women in all their diversity. A series of episodes also tackled the impact of COVID-19 on women in the region. The second season focused on feminist movements and schools, reflecting on relevant developments within the MENA region.

Building on the success and the broad reach of the podcast episodes, FES is currently producing a third season which focuses on the impacts of macro-economic policies on countries in the region, with a special focus on gender, social and climate justice.

Masaha Podcast Season Three: Trailer

E8: Economic Justice for All

E7: International Monetary Fund Gender Strategy

E6: International Financial Institutions and Economic Policies

E5: Just Transition

E4: Tax Justice and Social Protection

E3: Feminist political economy

E2: Feminist Ecological Economics

E1: Feminist critique of Capitalism

Masaha Podcast Season 2

E1: Ecofeminism – النسوية البيئية

E2: Socialist feminism - النسوية الإشتراكية

E3: Post-colonial feminism - نسوية ما بعد الاستعمار

E4: The professionalization of feminist movements - مهننة النسوية

E5: Intersectionality in the MENA region: shortfalls and ways forward - النسوية التقاطعية

E6: Feminist struggles and demonstrations. - النضالات والاحتجاجات النسوية

E7: Neoliberal Feminism - النسوية النيوليبرالية

E8: Labor movements and feminist participation - الحركات العمّاليّة والمشاركة النسوية

E9: Internet and feminist work - الإنترنت والعمل النسوي

E10: A post-covid feminist reality - تأثير وباء كورونا على واقع النساء

Masaha Podcast Season 1

Trailer: Masaha Podcast - مقطع تشويقي: مساحة

E1: What is social justice? – ما هي العدالة الاجتماعية

E2: Pre-employment gender discrimination - ما الذي يقف بين المرأة وسوق العمل

E3: Post-employment gender discrimination - كيف تواجه المرأة تحديات سوق العمل

E4: Care work and society - أعمال الرعاية والمجتمع

E5: Feminist movements and economic systems - الحركة النسوية والأنظمة الاقتصادية

E6: Women’s participation in the fourth industrial revolution - مشاركة المرأة في الثورة الصناعية الرابعة

E7: Social security and safety nets - الضمان الاجتماعي وشبكات الحماية الاجتماعية المتوفرة للمرأة

E8: What stands between women and financial independence? - ما الذي يحول بين المرأة والاستقلال المادي

E9: Infrastructure and its impact on women - البنية التحتية وتأثيرها على المرأة

E10: Women and the Green Economy - المرأة والاقتصاد الأخضر

E11: Intersectionality and work - التقاطعية والعمل

E12: The fourth wave of feminism - الموجة النسوية الرابعة

E13: Feminist alliance building - بناء التحالفات

E14: COVID-19 and care work - كوفيد-١٩ وأعمال الرعاية

E15: COVID-19 and migrant domestic workers - كوفيد-١٩ وعاملات المنازل المهاجرات

E16: COVID-19 and informal workers - كوفيد-١٩ والعمالة الغير المنتظمة

E17: 16 days of activism campaign حملة ال ١٦ يوم

E18: National Mechanisms for Gender Equality - الاّليات الوطنية للعدالة الجندرية: تحديات وحلول


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