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No Right to Bodily Autonomy - Illustration
30.05.2024 | Repoliticising Feminism | Blog
No Right to Bodily Autonomy Without Social Justice and Liberation
The article asserts that bodily autonomy cannot be fully realized without addressing systemic issues like gender discrimination, capitalism, and colonialism. It emphasizes that bodily autonomy is a…  
FES Unidentifying - Illustration
23.05.2024 | Repoliticising Feminism | Blog
Navigating Guilt? An Intersectional Feminist Lens on the Fragility of the Concept of Germanness
This contribution discusses how German history and identity have shaped the country’s moral orientation toward Israel. There is insufficient space here to discuss the implications for Germany’s…  
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FES Weaponizing the Women - Illustration
16.05.2024 | Repoliticising Feminism | Blog
The Womb as a Weapon in Palestine
The article examines the systematic violence against Palestinian women's reproductive health and sexuality, depicting the womb as both a target of aggression and a tool of resistance amidst the…  
Illustration by Christina Atik
07.03.2024 | Repoliticising Feminism | Blog
Beyond Victimhood: Migrant Domestic Workers Reshaping Labor Justice
This article highlights the ongoing struggles of migrant domestic workers, focusing on their grassroots organizing efforts, particularly in Lebanon. It emphasizes the urgent need for a significant…  
8. Feminist Economics  
Feminist economists around the world have repeatedly highlighted the failure to take the social consequences of economic policies into account. In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region,…  
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