24.11.2022 | Repoliticizing Feminisms | Blog

Feminism and Economic Justice

Feminism is closely linked to economic justice; both are against discrimination, exploitation and marginalisation. Economic justice cannot be achieved...


illustration by Christina Atik
01.11.2022 | Repoliticizing Feminisms | Blog

The Dark Passages of Feminism For A Migrant Domestic Worker

Viany De Marceau wrote "The Dark Passages of Feminism For A Migrant Domestic Worker" as a cry against the kafala system, and a message to other...


 Illustration by Christina Atik
17.10.2022 | Repoliticizing Feminisms | Blog

Militarism: Necessity or Glorified Toxic Masculinity?

Feminism offers an opportunity to break-free from the glorification of militarism that is driven by patriarchal culture and to truly usher the way...


07.10.2022 | Repoliticizing Feminisms | Blog

Migration as a Feminist Issue

This article sheds light on issues of migration and asylum. It highlights the violent policies associated with them from an anti-border feminist...


Protesting violence against women - Photo: CLAUDIO CRUZ / AFP
29.08.2022 | Repoliticizing Feminisms | Blog

What’s so feminist about feminist foreign and development policies?

Adopting feminist foreign and development policies is becoming a trend in many Global North countries, sparking questions around the co-optation of...


21.07.2022 | Repoliticizing Feminisms | Blog

Young Feminist Dynamics, New Stakes

Since their inception in the mid-eighties, and for over more than two decades, Moroccan feminist organizations have been instrumental in advocating...


10.06.2022 | Repoliticizing Feminisms | Blog

How women in the Global South reclaim feminism

Women protest denouncing the violence that took place against them at an earlier protest against the military in Sudan.


01.06.2022 | Repoliticizing Feminisms | Blog

Youth Initiatives in Egypt Defy Patriarchy Unconventionally

“I staged a sit-in at home. I hung up posters around the apartment to challenge my parents who would not let me head to Maydan”, recounts a woman in...


26.05.2022 | Repoliticizing Feminisms | Blog

From Margin to Centre: Feminist Blogging as Political Practice

This piece explores the ways in which feminist blogging has the potential of re-politicizing feminist movements and offers an overview of the...


Young Feminist Movements and Funding
09.05.2022 | Repoliticizing Feminisms | Blog

Young Feminist Movements and Funding

Disrupting societal customs and perceptions that legitimize, promote, and conceal violence against women is one of the many goals we seek to...


15.04.2022 | Repoliticizing Feminisms | Blog

Challenging Impostor Feminism in Lebanon

This article takes a critical look at the manifestation of “impostor feminism” in Lebanon today, a form of self-attributed feminism that shies away...


| Feminist Economics | Blog

Capitalist Patriarchal Nightmare, Ecofeminist Awakening

We must dismantle capitalist patriarchy that thrives on exploiting women and nature to attain a socially and environmentally just future. By Farah...


| Repoliticizing Feminisms | Blog

Smashing the Patriarchy & Co: How Arab Feminists are Re-politicizing their Movement

This essay explores the ways in which Arab feminists are re-politicizing their movement and offers an overview of the strategies that are currently...


Illustration by Rawand Issa
| The Future of Work | Blog

The Future of Work is now

A feminist perspective from the Middle East and North Africa on the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. By Farah Daibes


| The Future of Work | Blog

The Last Daycare Standing

Will childcare services in Jordan survive COVID-19? By Sahar Aloul


| The Future of Work | Blog

Women's Care Burden Has to be Recognised

How Middle East & North Africa lockdown policies ignore unequal relations of power in households. By Yara Tarabulsi & Lina Abou-Habib.


| The Future of Work | Blog

The Future of Work is here: A regional feminist perspective on the effects of COVID-19

In recent years, world leaders, economists, business owners, and tech giants have been discussing how the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution will...


Illustration by Amy Chianara
| Gender Justice | Blog

Family Laws in the MENA Region A Tool for Subordination

Farah Daibes expertly summarizes a study that dives deep into the origins of Family Laws in the MENA Region and the recent amendments made...




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